Travel Healthy. Travel Happy.

At flying beautiful we really love travelling, but when it comes to airplane food and staying healthy on the go, there is much left to be desired. Travelling is getting faster, easier, smoother, but a healthy diet is still a much neglected aspect. Making sure we nourish our mind and soul also means we need to feed our bodies, in a healthy and sustainable way. This is why we fell in love with Balanced Tourist and we are excited to hear from them about their brand and vision for keeping our bodies healthy and happy on the go. 

The Brand

Balanced Tourist allows you to Travel Healthy, Travel Happy.

Just because you leave home doesn’t mean you have to leave your healthy lifestyle behind. Our ‘Everything Box’ will support you to take your healthy habits with you. We have curated a box of natural nutritious plant-based products that are tummy friendly; from sweet and savoury snacks to essential oils and hydration to ensure you stay healthy and happy while on the go.

The box can be conveniently delivered to your door as it has been designed to fit through standard sized letter boxes and therefore also slim enough to fit into any travel case.  All products are airport security safe so you should have no problem in taking them with you in your hand luggage.  

Here at Balanced Tourist HQ we believe in keeping the world looking nice so we have time to explore it therefore both our box and packaging are made from non-bleach and recyclable materials and we work closely with our partners to ensure we source products that are, were possible organic, fairly traded and we only work with companies that are responsible enterprises.

Finally, we are more than happy to customize your box or send it as a gift; please just let us know when purchasing if you have any special requirements. 

The Woman

The idea stemmed from my own travels and constantly decanting snacks and powders into Tupperware or spending time searching for small versions of my most loved products to take with me. On top of this I have some dietary restrictions so always liked to have ‘safe’ snacks to hand, minimizing the worry and ensure I can enjoy my travels. I was unable to find one place to get all my travel essentials and so Balanced Tourist was born. 

Life is all about Balance, which can be SO hard to find or keep these days. My motivation is therefore to support everyone to ‘keep the balance’ in their life and not to worry and instead have the real opportunity to embrace the adventure and beauty of travel. I want everyone to enjoy life and be able to stay happy and healthy while they travel (minus the burden of Tupperware!)

The mantra behind Balanced Tourist is to ensure you enjoy your travels and if taking our little box of extras with you helps – great!

The Trends

Moving forward we intend to continue to support individual consumers to stay healthy and happy while on the go; everyone from commuters to holiday makers. We are looking to diversify the current offering so that the boxes can be more bespoke to the individual needs, however we won’t be moving from our core values and ethics which are to work with partners who provide high quality and ethically sourced/organic products. 

We are also working closely with those who travel for a living; building on our cabin crew networks and corporate travellers. We intend to continue to partner with those individuals who are constantly on the go to ensure their lifestyles are supported by good nutrition to ensure they can maintain their health and perform at their best when away from their home.

We feel our brand compliments future travel trends which include personalised ‘luxury’ and wellness travel as our brand values and therefore products are designed to be conveniently delivered to you to help you maintain both mind and body wellbeing, ensuring you Travel Healthy. Travel Happy.

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