Travel accessories for globetrotters.

The team behind flying beautiful is not only searching for the best travelsize cosmetics for you, but also wants to bring wonderful travel-friendly products for the discerning globetrotter to your attention. This week we are very excited to tell you more about a new travel accessories brand from lovely Vienna, Austria. Majavia is manufacturing beautiful travel accessories from recycled leather. Passport holders, cosmetic pouches, luggage tags and the recently added iPhone cases come in six very pretty and distinct colours (we ADORE Seagreen). Read on to find out more about Majavia's story and what those talented ladies behind the brand are up to next. 


The Brand

Our brand Majavia – founded in October 2017 in Vienna – creates and designs travel accessories. The very special thing about these accessories is that they are made from recycled leather and you can make them your own by adding your initials to each product. Travelling is a very personal and intense experience – what could be better than discovering the wonders of this world? We create so many memories on each journey – because of the people we travel with, the new countries we discover, the new people we meet, the new cultures we explore and so much more. We tried to bake these thoughts and feelings into our products and so we created very personal and long-lasting travel companions for making each journey even more unique. Our current range consists of cosmetic pouches, passport holders & luggage tags in different colours and we have just added iPhone cases plus two new colours.


The Women

We both thought about starting our own company for quite a long time – independently from each other. When we were getting together in our free time and started talking about our dreams we quickly decided to team up and launch a company together. The idea was born, we quit our jobs and the journey of Majavia began.          
We both love to travel and Majavia enables us to immerse ourselves in this industry. For us, to travel means to open our minds, to get inspired and to receive the opportunity to explore new things – there´s so much to see! By creating the Majavia travel accessories we can combine our creativity with the love for beautiful things and designs.


The Trends

We are already planning new products, colours and an extra range for men. This means we are having a busy schedule, but we love to create new things, tinkering with them and bringing them to life.

We are constantly focussing on two pillars of our company – the possibility to make each product very unique by adding initials and the material our accessories are made of.

Several brands already implemented the option to personalize their products and it will probably increase even more since mass customization is becoming bigger and bigger. Most of our customers buy their product personalized which also makes for a nice gift. But not only the personalization is what our customers love – they also care more and more about the sustainability of our materials.

We have invested a lot of time finding suitable raw materials for our brand. In the beginning, we thought about using conventional leather for our products, because it´s a material that guarantees long lasting quality. But at the same time, we missed the sustainability and innovation aspects. During fair visits, conversations with specialists and lots of research we finally found the perfect material for Majavia: recycled leather. This material guarantees a very high quality by using already existing resources and natural raw materials. We love the idea of using already existing materials and remaking them into something new and beautiful. Natural resources are worthwhile and we need to appreciate them. But still - we are constantly looking for new materials we could use for future products.

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