Kindness matters...for Women in Business

Let's talk networks, ladies. Last week we had a chat with one of the most exciting female networks in London, empowering women to take the next step. Only three years old, NOI already brings together almost 3000 women including flying beautiful's founder Eveline, supporting each other and pushing boundaries together. Let's hear from NOI's inspiring founder, Paola, about female networks and why kindness matters. 

The Brand

The NOI Club is a community of women with projects, powered by kindness.

We were born in 2015 and we have just turned three!

I founded it to enable women to find a safe space to nurture their ideas, feel empowered and make their projects blossom. Kindness is the base of everything we do and I am so excited to see how much positivity, serendipity, good connections and incredible results it can bring into the community! We were 12 when we were born and we are now almost 3000 women from all over the world. For this reason we try as much as possible to diversify the offer of online and off line activities in order to enable every member to experience what being a NOI Lady really means.


The Woman

My name is Paola, I am a mum and a marketing and communications professional. In 2014 I started blogging about gender balance and female empowerment and my passion towards supporting women has been growing ever since. I had also started feeling that writing about such important subjects was not enough for me and my readers: we needed to meet, connect face to face, share, learn and champion each other in a more pragmatic way. This is especially true when someone is working on a project: their own startup or their next move in life: anyone who is building something has been suffering from a certain degree of loneliness in the journey! NOI wants to help: a tribe to champion each member. A community to help us all thrive...with a balanced mix of great content and tools, accountability, fun activities, serendipity and, above all, kindness.


The Trends

During the first year and a half we focussed all our efforts in building the community and becoming trusted. To do so, we decided to ask our members what they wanted, instead of assuming that a topic or an initiative would be the right thing to do. We built an event calendar based on our NOI Ladies’ needs and we met at least once a month in London. We then explored the idea of launching in NY and we eventually did our first event there last October. Some of our events have become so popular that we are now running them in series of four throughout the year, like the LOOK photoshoot event, where make up and photo professionals take care of our ladies and not only enable them to get wonderful professional shots, but they also make them enjoy the experience!

Our close relationship with our members has been our engine and also the enabler of all the new initiatives we decided to test: online meetups and courses to allow anyone to join us and learn, collaborations with other organisations, social media campaigns, corporate sponsorships to bridge the gap between the startup and freelance world and the corporate environment… Our closed Facebook group is the core of all the NOI activities and a space to share and ask for help as well as promote what we do: every Monday we have #SelfPromotionMonday and I am always amazed at the quantity and level of all the posts that blossom then!

I like to call NOI my playground and that is how many of our members see it as well: we can try so many things and always feel safe and supported. I, as a NOI Lady, am keen to always help before being helped and this spirit is what generates incredible results within our circle.

What does the NOI future entail?

Well, I have a full board of dreams I am working on!

The biggest milestone of this year has been the NOI House launch in London Shoreditch: The Curtain, a fabulous members’ club and hotel, is now our home and we will hold all our regular events there! We are also able to offer a special membership rate to our NOI Ladies! We are beyond thrilled because the space and its philosophy are so… NOI!!!

We have just unveiled our NOI bracelets, we are planning book launches, talks, panels, a NOI popup market in preparation for Christmas…and also a NOI Shop that will showcase our ladies’ products and give them more visibility.

Our mission is to keep helping and enabling and supporting all the women who join us, with passion and kindness, because #kindnessmatters !


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