"I wanted to be relaxed, open and let things happen." Fine was born.

At flying beautiful, we are very keen on not only showcasing the best travel essentials for busy women on the go, but we also love to present you another female-led business. This time we would like to introduce you to Judith, the founder of our favourite natural deodorant brand, fine, from Berlin. Let's see what she has to say about her brand, her vision and where she'll take her business next.


The Brand

I have been meeting with my friend Jessica who is a wonderful vegan food blogger (www.wholygoodness.com) and as she was working at Aesop at that time we were talking about their deodorant, which’s scent I adore but which does not work really. She then told me „Hey, it is so easy to make your own… Just take this and that and mix it together.“ So I did. Already the first batch was working perfectly, hence I made more and distributed it to friends who also liked it a great deal. FINE was born.

One of my yoga students is a great graphic designer. She asked me for private lessons which at that time I was not allowed to take money for. So I ask her to swap work. Maybe she could do some minor graphic work for FINE in exchange. Then she came up with a super duper professional presentation of a complete CI. I was totally overwhelmed, all of a sudden this has gotten so big, I have not imagined it to become such a big thing earlier. Then I just decided to go with the flow. Why not? I asked myself.


The Woman 

Name: Judith Springer

Profession: Curator, Yoga teacher, researcher and entrepreneur

How did I get here? I do not really have a „previous job“ as I work on multiple sites - so far. I have mainly been an independent curator with my own art space (Espace Surplus) for the past decade, having specialised in urban transformation by the means of art. I have also written my PhD on this topic. In the past years I have also been partly working with various research projects for Goldsmiths College London and since 2015, I am a certified Iyengar©-Yoga teacher. I came to be an entrepreneur in the beauty industry totally by chance.


The Trends

I really try not to make too many plans, not to be fixed on something. This is what I have done all my life and it was - well - exhausting. I want to relax, be open and let things happen they way it should be. Trying to be fluid and adaptable. So I am pretty much open to anything that happens.

My business grew over the years, the range got bigger. But since I only put things on the market that I do not see there, it is all very organically growing, not forced by business plans or strategies. At the moment I am working on enlarging my online shop to also sell other products I love. Also I am working on two new scents for our beloved deodorants sticks which hopefully will be launched in late summer.

Check out our range of fine deodorants here!

For more information on the brand, visit www.finecosmetic.de