About empowerment and a stylish life

At flying beautiful, we are so grateful to meet so many inspiring ladies from across the globe. Elisabeth is one of them. Being the founder of The Pink Lookbook, she is our go-to expert when it comes to expat life, being fashionable in Asia's hotspots or simply when we are looking for another motivational boost. You definitely want to check her out.   


The Brand

Are you planning your next career move? Taking your business to the next level? Looking for the most stylish outfits or beautiful art? Or starting your next adventure abroad? The Pink Lookbook is your guide to inspiration, empowerment and a stylish life.

I truly believe that being a career woman who is busy and ambitious (in the most positive sense of the words) does not mean we are not interested in the beautiful things in life. I started this online resource because I want to share my passions with my readers: travel, art, fashion and, of course, an insight into my life as an entrepreneur between Europe and Asia – uncensored, the good and the bad.

The Pink Lookbook is for women like me – for those who dream, lean in, explore and love beautiful things.


The Woman

My name is Elisabeth Steiger and I am the founder and editor-in-chief of The Pink Lookbook. I am an Austrian entrepreneur and travel addict turned digital nomad who loves art, fashion and design. I have lived in 8 countries and worked in the public and private sector before starting my lifestyle business in Hong Kong.

I have been travelling a lot and people have always ask me for recommendations for their trips. I ended up with an endless amount of email lists with my advice and I could never find those lists again when I needed them. To make my life easier, I started a website and redirected everyone to that online resource to share my advice.

When I started my own company, I realized that people were really curious about my experience with a tech-startup. Furthermore, I met a lot of other fellow female entrepreneurs who faced the same challenges as me. I decided to share my experience in the start-up scene on The Pink Lookbook. At the same time, I wanted to cast a spotlight on women who lean in like me. If women see other women being bold, they will be more confident to take the leap.


The Trends

The Pink Lookbook evolved from email lists, to a hobby, to an online resource for career-driven and creative women. I learned that the most important thing for my audience is authenticity: What is it like to live abroad, to start your own company, make the next career move, travel to a new destination? Even if initially, it was a bit uncomfortable for me to share the difficult phases of my own career, I saw that others really appreciated my honest view. Furthermore, I also benefit from the exchange with my audience. Social media have made it easy to spread an image of our lives which is only positive and seemingly effortless. However, success is 99% hard work and 1% luck. While I do share the bright sides, I also want to show what it is really like to run your business. By making my hustle more accessible, I want to encourage other women to live their dreams. I am working on more content about the behind the scenes of running a business at the moment, so stay tuned!

Furthermore, I feel that readers enjoy The Pink Lookbook because of the genuine advice when it comes to travel, art and fashion. I only recommend things I really enjoy myself. In the future, there will be more content for the confident and busy travelista: The Style Guides, for example, make the packing for your business trips much easier. Check out our Singapore Business Style Guide (https://www.thepinklookbook.com/singapore-business-style-guide/).


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