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  • Kindness matters...for Women in Business

    Let's talk networks, ladies. Last week we had a chat with one of the most exciting female networks in London, empowering women to take the next step. Only three years old, NOI already brings together almost 3000 women including flying beautiful's founder Eveline, supporting each other and pushin... View Post
  • About empowerment and a stylish life.

    At flying beautiful, we are so grateful to meet so many inspiring ladies from across the globe. Elisabeth is one of them. Being the founder of The Pink Lookbook, she is our go-to expert when it comes to expat life, being fashionable in Asia's hotspots or simply when we are looking for another m... View Post
  • Travel Healthy. Travel Happy.

    At flying beautiful we really love travelling, but when it comes to airplane food and staying healthy on the go, there is much left to be desired. Travelling is getting faster, easier, smoother, but a healthy diet is still a much neglected aspect. Making sure we nourish our mind and soul also mea... View Post