A culinary guide of Lake Wörthersee

A culinary guide of Lake Wörthersee

This is our first blog solely talking about food and we couldn’t be more excited. You are all familiar with our restaurant and foodie tips in our regular travel guides, but this time we thought we’ll make it the centre of attention. Many of our Austrian and well-travelled international customers will have heard about the beautiful lake in the South of Austria called Wörthersee. Nestled between beautiful mountains and next to the border to Slovenia, it is one of the most famous places within Austria to spend your summer vacation. Not only because of the superb water quality of the lake and the beautiful landscape, but also because of the delightful culinary experiences and stunning sunsets that are waiting for you. Let’s jump right in ladies. We go anti-clockwise around the lake. We hope you enjoy this one. Let us know your favourite! 

Restaurant Rosé Villa Bulfon

Südsee by Hubert Wallner


Gasthaus Kollerwirt – Tanzenberg

If creamy polenta is your thing, then that’s your spot. Nestled in the beautiful mountain area North of Lake Wörthersee it’s one of our top recommendations for the perfect comfort food. Take the whole family and don’t forget to book a table during high season.

Gasthaus Kollerwirt
Affelsdorf 3
9063 Tanzenberg


Werzer’s Badehaus – Pörtschach

For an elegant evening in a historically important and simply breath-taking building. Check out their barbecue nights and make sure to book well in advance and ask for a table next to the lake. Perfect for a date night. If you happen to arrive earlier or have some time to spent, head to the Badehaus to take a dip in the lake. The Badehaus comes fully equipped with a panoramic spa to make you feel your best ever.

Werzer’s Badehaus
Werzer Promenade 8
9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee


Lake’s – Pörtschach

Looking for some fancy fusion cuisine in Pörtschach? This is the place. The menu is lovely and the location could not be better. This is also a very nice spot to enjoy some cocktails once the sun sets over the lake.

Augustenstraße 24
9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee


Zocklwirt – Pörtschach  

Our second tip for amazing comfort food in a beautiful setting up in the mountains. Classic dishes, fresh fish, a beautiful garden and super nice hosts. There is really nothing else to ask for. Again, take the whole family and Guten Appetit!

Gaisrückenstraße 77
9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee


See Restaurant Saag – Bad Saag 

[suspense music] We needed this entrance, sorry ladies. This is one of the best restaurants in entire Austria! Two toques, too many awards to count and a reputation that is known beyond the border. The food is mind-blowing, the wine list pure perfection and the location, well, not that you need a great location when the food is outstanding, but yes, the location is one of the best around the lake too. Obviously, you can also arrive by boat. Jetties are available for guests. (Psst… Chef Hubert Wallner is moving the restaurant to a new location at the lake in 2021… so make sure to get on the newsletter asap, just saying…do it now!)

See Restaurant Saag
Saag 11
9212 Gemeinde Techelsberg am Wörther See


Bistro Saag Nr. 11 – Techelsberg

The little casual sister of See Restaurant Saag and located at the public swimming site of Bad Saag. If you are craving for the best fries you ever had in your life plus amazing daily lunch dishes and nice cocktails, go there. Have a look above, same thing, get on their newsletter ladies!

Bistro Saag Nr. 11
Saag 11
9212 Gemeinde Techelsberg am Wörther See


Gasthaus Messnerei Sternberg – Sternberg

Another top tip for delicious comfort food in a very picturesque setting in the mountains North of Velden. Enjoy the beautiful view of the little church when the night sets over the mountains. Again, this is for the whole family.

Gasthaus Messnerei Sternberg
Sternberger Str. 19
9241 Sternberg


Restaurant Rosé Villa Bulfon – Velden

Being the newbie on the block, this is a real stunner. The interior is one of our favourites, the location could not be better and the food is wow too, a mix of traditional local food and amazing sushi. We think this is best fusion food around the lake and another perfect date night spot for the lovers of super fancy beach style. Make sure to book in advance on weekends and at week nights.

Small hint: The restaurant is not easy to find. Enter through the hotel and garden or directly through the gates premises and make your way down to the beachside.

Restaurant Rosé
Villa Bulfon
Am Corso 9-11
9220 Velden am Wörthersee








Goritschniggs Steakhaus – Velden

Here comes one for our steak lovers. An institution for over 100 years, this place serves the most delicious steaks, all home-cured plus an amazing starters buffet. No booking, no steak ladies.

Goritschniggs Steakhaus
Seecorso 6
9220 Velden am Wörthersee


Ungeheuer Velden – Schiefling

Another great spot for cocktails, light food and a definitive sundowner location on the South bank of the lake. Make sure to get there in time for your daily sunset intake.

Ungeheuer Velden
Süduferstraße 95
9220 Schiefling am See


Südsee by Hubert Wallner – Maria Wörth

Wonderfully designed and managed by Kerstin Wallner, the wife of famous Chef Hubert Wallner, this is most probably the best restaurant after its elegant parent See Restaurant Saag. Beautifully nestled on the South bank of the lake, this is the best spot for amazing food, wine, sunsets and basically everything you ever wanted. For an arrival in style, get on your boat. Jetties available. Make sure to book and ask for a table in the front row (you can thank us later).

Dellach Südufer Straße 258
9220 Maria Wörth






Lakeside – Reifnitz

This is the place for the club restaurant lovers amongst you. If you are looking for party, location, great food and fancy cocktails, make your way to Lakeside. Another institution at the lake for many years serving up the hungry party crowd. Take all your friends and dress up beach club style.

Wörthersee-Südufer-Straße 104c
9081 Reifnitz


Hotel Schloss Leonstain

Lake Wörthersee


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