You have got your travel essentials sorted for your skiing trip, but have you thought about how to show style on the piste this winter? Let's hear from Tamsin from Winternational about the colours of the season and how to hit the slopes in style. 

  1. Colours this season…the new neutrals include khaki and metallics, soft pinks, greys and off whites.

  2. There’s a wide range of blues available this winter. Electric blue, turquoise and navy all feature and look amazing when worn with icy white. Sometimes the simplest inspiration is the best!

  3. Red is a great colour for the slopes. Imagine the contrast with the snow, the blue skies and you in a beautiful red ski jacket trimmed with fur and zigzagging down the slopes. Perfection!

  4. You can be a snow queen in an all-white outfit which looks fabulous and elongating. Cool, sculptured. Make sure your whites still look bright white against the snow – shhhhh…don’t tell, but ours do!

  5. You’ll already know black on the piste is everlasting and dramatic. Forgiving and flattering. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous black ski jacket?

  6. Stirrup pants are back! For daywear and on the slopes, stirrup pants provide the new silhouette. Worried about feeling the stirrup under the arch of your foot? Please don’t be…we’ve tested this for you. Hard job but someone’s got to do it! After less than 30 minutes we forgot the stirrup was there. All day these ski pants keep their fabulous skinny shape. The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model, Romee Strijd, has modelled our Goldbergh skinny stirrup ski pants too. 

  7. A belt adds polish and sophistication, offering structure. Also we find belts create the illusion of a smaller waist or highlights a small waist (if you’re lucky enough to have one after all the fondues and tartiflettes, not to mention the croissants!). We recommend Emmegi ski jackets. These have a hidden belt loop system where the belt loop is hidden on the inside of the belt. No loops are visible on the outside surface of your ski jacket so you can have the best of both worlds!

  8. Want to belt your ski jacket but your jacket doesn’t have a belt? We suggest using a luxurious leather belt to create an alternative look. So many nice comments when we do this on the slopes.

  9. The silk scarf is your friend on and off piste. Keep loosely tied round your neck and pop it up over your nose if the weather gets bad. You’ll find it a stylish and easy way to keep warm. Helmet hair at lunch? Turn your silk scarf into a bandana 50’s style and hide those kinks. Warm day on the piste and skiing in just your base layer or gilet? Want to update your ski pants, thread the silk scarf through the belt loops of your ski pants. Want to freshen up your jeans? A silk scarf belt is very chic.

  10. A cashmere crew or turtle neck is one sure fire way to adopt the capsule wardrobe method. Wear one night for supper in the chalet. Layer with a soft white or chambray shirt and tease out the tails for an unstructured je ne sais quoi look. Next day wear the cashmere sweater as a base layer on the piste. Perfectly versatile. Excellent style and warmth. And a way of bringing après chic to your life at home.

    With love Tamsin and all at Winternational x

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