The Gift Guide #1 – Gifts for the grounded frequent traveller

Ladies, just because we are not going anywhere anytime soon, does not mean we cannot indulge in beautiful things that make us feel better, especially after the last year. Occasions are a beautiful excuse to buy a gift for someone close or yourself, but let’s be honest, after almost a year in back-and-forth lockdown, you do not really need an occasion anymore. Therefore, say hello to our very first gift guide. A special lockdown edition and curated list of items for any occasion that will make the hearts of all the grounded frequent travellers jump. Whether you’ll treat yourself or your loved ones, we have something for everyone. Check it out now and enjoy! And yes, we are serious about what you are going to read ;)


  1. Assouline Books

You think you do not need a coffee table book on the Amalfi Coast until you bought it. Let’s dream a little bit: Get yourself a freshly brewed coffee, sit down after a busy Monday and let these grand pictures carry you away. Assouline is the institution for beautiful coffee table books to dream about your next trip or any bucket list item you have. Our favourites include Amalfi Coast, Paris Chic and Marrakech Flair.


  1. Book the trip

Yes, you heard us. Book the trip now! The tourism industry has been suffering for almost a year now and it will take long time to recover. Make sure to check out your cancellation options work with your schedule and then book the summer trip you’ve been dreaming about for such a long time now. We are big fans of exclusive and beautifully curated hotels; hence our recommendations are a bit luxe;)


  1. Support conservation efforts and foundations

Most of the natural parks and animal reserves rely heavily on income from tourism. Not only having to cope with a global pandemic, funds have fully stopped putting the lives of people and animals at risk. Funds that are necessary to keep up the good work done in so many national parks and conservation foundations around the world. Book the trip (see bullet 2), donate whatever you can to help them get through the crisis or in case you live close one, free up some time on the weekend and support them by giving a hand.


  1. Conde Nast Traveller subscription

Setting up your new bucket list is such a satisfying and perfect task for these gloomy late winter nights at home, waiting for spring to finally arrive (yes, we know, it’s still February, but a woman can dream, can she?). Whether you prefer to touch the latest edition fresh from the press or read on your iPad wherever you go, CNT got you covered. Check out their current offers!


  1. Gallivant rollerball perfumes

Let’s get swept away by the beautiful scents of Gallivant perfumes. Check out our rollerball perfumes, perfect for handbags and obviously in travel-size format. Pssst...we will add a sample of another scent to every order throughout spring.


  1. Suitcase magazine bundles

Another beautiful example of travel storytelling and reports that will lead you around the world highlighting stunning regions, people and places to go to. The perfect gift for travellers who already know it all and want some deep insights and stories. Whatever mood you or your loved ones are in, suitcase magazine got you covered with its fine selection of magazine bundles.


  1. Décor with a purpose from Pelagona

Reminiscing of those walks around new areas, spotting beautiful crafts? Head over to Pelagona and let their female founder Liz deliver you the most beautiful curated décor from around the world directly to your doorstep. With every purchase you are supporting the women who make these beautiful items. Want to hear a not so secret anymore? Pelagona also offers a bespoke service with unique and made-to-order products. Check it out.


  1. French Girl Organics lip care

Do you also spend most of your days in front of Zoom? We feel you. On the bright side, it’s time to showcase your selection of lipsticks you purchased over the years and never wore because bright colours seemed too bold (Admit it!). Since your colleagues will most probably have seen nothing else than your face these past months, it’s time to treat your lips with FGO’s lip polish and add some colour to the screen. Choose between a warm coral or a sheer amber tone to instantly brighten up this meeting (visually at least;)).


  1. Horizn Studios cabin luggage

Now is the time to invest in your new cabin luggage. Made from the best materials, and ready for busy work trips, weekend trips and so much more. Choose between the essential or smart edition and pick one of these lovely colours. We have to admit it, nothing quite cheers us up as a perfect handy cabin luggage in a beautiful lemon or olive tone. Pssst… we hear there is a sale going on right now.


  1. Rimowa Original Collection

Still the best on the street when it comes to sturdy, reliable luggage to be taken straight from city life to the rainforests in Brazil or the wetlands in Florida or one of these beautiful secluded Southeast Asian tropical islands. Once you have travelled the world with it, you’ll know that you can have a relationship with your luggage. It’s true, we are loyal ;)


Disclaimer: We do not get paid for any of these recommendations.