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  • Let's talk fabrics for business travel

    We’ve all been there. You get out of the plane, check into the hotel and obviously the first thing you do is unpack to hang your clothes you’ll need for this very important meeting you have. You realise your shirts and dresses look more like they’ve never been ironed or steamed and you find out t... View Post
  • Our travel book list - The Summer Edit

    Welcome to the first edition of our travel book lists. In our summer edit, you will find a colourful mix of fiction and non-fiction books, from old bestsellers to new entries. We believe that summer is the perfect time to recharge and rethink and what better than some great novels, helpful insigh... View Post
  • volietravel x flying beautiful

    Hi ladies! We are so excited to share our latest news with you! We teamed up with the wonderful globetrotting ladies from volietravel for a special limited edition of beautiful and security-clearance-ready (yes, it’s true!) travel pouches filled with a selection of our bestselling travelsized cos... View Post