Our Brands #3 - Löwengrip

Welcome to our blog series Our Brands where we introduce you to our brands in more detail. Our third blog is about Löwengrip, Sweden's fastest growing beauty brand from Swedish female powerhouse Isabella Löwengrip. We fell in love with their products since they are truly made for busy women on the go with reliable results. A feature we very much appreciate and we are sure you will too. But enough from us, let's hear it from the Brand.


Löwengrip is an innovative brand with products that provide fast yet durable results while at the same time being very gentle – a combination that was missing from the market until Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius started the company in 2012.

The key quality for all Löwengrip products is that they are both gentle and efficient, and all of them have been developed in close collaboration with customers, experienced chemists, the production team at Löwengrip and Isabella Löwengrip herself. Each product is developed to solve a specific problem – to shorten blow-drying time, for instance.

With active, efficient and nourishing ingredients, the products provide long-lasting results. Moreover, everything from the contents to the packaging is designed to make everyday life that bit easier. All products are manufactured in Sweden to guarantee good working conditions and to ensure that the production process is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible,

The Löwengrip range is under constant development to make sure the products always provide the best solution to meet the customers’ needs. Encased in sleek, chic packaging, the products garner pride of place in the home of stylish women across the globe.

The Founders

Combining a no-nonsense, straight-talking approach with infectious positive energy and a can-do attitude, Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius, are paving the way for female empowerment and entrepreneurialism globally. While their backgrounds couldn’t be more different, the two were brought together by their work on female financial literacy, a subject that remains at the heart of everything they do.

And they practice what they preach, successfully balancing career, family and self-care. With several joint business ventures to their name, including Löwengrip and a hugely popular podcast, this powerhouse duo is a real inspiration.

The two complement one another perfectly – with Isabella at the helm of the creative side and owner of the biggest blog in the Nordic countries with over 1,4 million readers each week, while Pingis oversees the financial aspects – and trust each other implicitly. Perhaps this is why, in five years as business partners, they haven’t had a single argument but plenty of discussion and constructive criticism.

This ability to learn from one another, and to see ‘problems’ or differences of opinion not as setbacks, but as opportunities for further growth, make the two a truly formidable team. Pingis and Isabella are at their strongest when there’s a problem to be solved – an approach that forms the basis of the entire Löwengrip range.

Löwengrip continues to be a real passion project for its founders and with it they are committed to revolutionizing the beauty industry, among other things through their proactive and inclusive product design process, which has been instrumental in the development of the Löwengrip range – a selection of products conceived to create holistic wellbeing that goes far beyond skin deep.

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